For decades, he's been one of the biggest advocates for marijuana, and starting next year (reportedly) his weed will be showing up in Washington state pot stores.

AOL and other sources have reported the legendary country singer has embarked on a new business, creating a "Willie's Reverve" brand of marijuana that naturally meets his "high" standards.

Nelson, who's paid probably hundreds of thousands in fines for pot use over the last 40-plus years, will be working with growers and retailers to market the drug. According to a spokesman for his brand - according to AOL:

"It will be like when you walk into a Whole Foods store," a spokesman for the brand told the Daily Beast. "Whole Foods has their 365 brand, or you can buy Stony Brook, or you can buy Horizon... It'll all fall under that umbrella of 'here's our core beliefs, and here's our mission statement,' and they will be a part of that, to be a part of us."


The 81-yaer-old singer has joined several other celebrities in attempting this venture. The estate of late Reggae singer Bob Marley has released a special line of pot as well.  Nelson hopes to profit from this venture; perhaps it will help settle some of his tax debts he's rung up with the IRS over the last few decades.

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