One cannot help but notice that with all the controversy now surrounding Seattle Mayor Ed Murray over the big sexual abuse lawsuit, as well as other controversial policies, his opponent from 2013 has re-entered the political ring.

Mike McGinn, who lost to Murray in 2013, was previously the Seattle Mayor, and now he has announced this week he will seek re-election, according to

While Murray is popular with special interest groups and leftist organizations who helped him get elected, he has taken a lot of heat over issues in the city. The lack of a solution to the numerous homeless camps as well as the $15 minimum wage have not helped his image.

He's also taken an increasing beating for supporting the new gender identity bathroom policies that have created a political firestorm. That played well with his base, but not with many others.

But perhaps the one thing that might have pushed McGinn the final step is the significant lawsuit filed against Murray by a man who claims the mayor sexually abused him in the 1980's. Two other men have stepped forward and made similar allegations, and have offered to testify in court.

McGinn is now suddenly a significant opponent for Murray, who was not expected to have any real competition. McGinn, a former Sierrra Club attorney and activist, has been a big supporter of public transit and infrastructure, and his views on many controversial subjects are considered more towards the middle than those of Murray.

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