In perhaps the MOST shocking case of the failure of Obamacare so far, this woman's new healthcare plan won't cover her meds, or pay for her surgeries. has detailed the stunning, sad story of 49-year-old Margaret Figueroa of New York ..   Wynton Hall reported this week on Breitbart the woman suffers from a rare neurological disorder called Arnold Chiari Malformation and Syringomylia.

The Staten Island woman has had four brain operations, and daily meds help her deal with horrific pain.   But when she went to fill her prescriptions she learned her card was denied.   And, to top it off,  none of the doctors she had been seeing are covered by Obamacare.   In fact, there's only six doctors on the entire island who take her plan, and she can't get an appointment with them because they're too booked up.

Since the denials, she's been repeatedly vomiting, suffers blinding pain and has lost 22 pounds due to her condition. When she enrolled she was repeatedly told the plan would cover her condition, and her medications.  That has turned out to be completely false.

The Congressional Representative from her district,  Rep. Michael Grimm (R) has been able to help intervene to get her some of her meds, but he's also heard from other Staten Island constituents in the same boat.

Grimm says many other people are finding that Obamacare has what's called "narrow networks."  You may see a policy on the Healthcare Exchange that looks good, but because the back-end is still being assembled (where the actual care occurs)  many people are discovering their plan isn't what they signed up for.  Some people are finding out their plan doesn't even have doctors, nurses, or hospitals lined up yet!

You've probably heard about the recent national stories about how Obamacare only covers 4 of the top 19 comprehensive cancer centers in the U.S.   Another study by McKinsey and Co, a leading research firm, shows nearly 40% of all plans in the Affordable Care Act only allow patients to pick from less than 1/3rd of all the hospitals in their region.  For some people in large cities, this means maybe choosing between 4-6 out of as many as 20!

In the private sector if this were happening,  it would be known as "bait-and-switch."   It's the practice of displaying a product and service, only to find once you've bought it, it's NOT what you thought you were paying for!   It's ILLEGAL!  But in the case of Obamacare, the feds  can get away with it because it's the law - you have to have healthcare.

As of this writing, Breitbart reports the latest polls show now only 37% of Americans still support the Affordable Care Act.

Grimm and other experts say these horror stories will only grow in number as more and more Americans find out the policies they thought they were getting are not close at all to what they paid for.

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