Apparently, the Department of Health thinks it's as easy as a bus pass?

So, would you trust your vaccination data to a QR Code reader? Take our Poll.

Gov. Inslee on Friday, Nov. 12 tweaked one of his proclamations to the indoor vax proof mandate by adding the QR code from the Department of Health.


A QR looks like this, as opposed to a bar code.

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Both accomplish the same basic task, although a QR code can store a lot more information than a standard store product bar code.

The Washington State Department of Health through has a way to get a QR code on your phone that can be shown to be used as proof of vaccination status. You have to fill out some information online, and get a PIN etc. and it reportedly will work.

There are some security issues linked to QR codes, according to various sources, including this from in their business news section:

"Unless you know and trust the source, following the link generated by the QR code can lead to a malicious landing page or a sophisticated scam. They've been used in targeted phishing scams because the fake sites they take visitors to can look just like a legitimate site of a trusted company."

Now that does apply to you doing the scanning FROM your phone to a QR code, not necessarily the other way around. But while the QR tech itself cannot really be hacked, the destination where it will TAKE you can be a malicious site.

  So, would you trust your vaccination data to a QR Code reader? Take our Poll.


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