It's still illegal to have a pit bull inside Yakima city limits...unless it's considered a service animal.

According to the Associated Press,  new action taken by City Council.

YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — The Yakima City Council is exempting service animals from the city's ban on pit bulls. The Yakima Herald-Republic reports pit bulls used as service dogs must be registered with the city and restrained on a leash and muzzled in public. The council voted in December to uphold a ban on pit bulls as dangerous dogs.

Despite their reputation as a 'fighting' dog,  pit bulls are actually utilized for a number of service dog programs, including one called Pits for Patriots.   The program began several years ago, training pit bulls to help wounded veterans.

Experts say the same characteristics that some people wrongly use to train them to fight make them among the best dogs to actually have.  They're known for tenacity, strength, loyalty and a very keen desire to please their owner.   Trainers say this can be positively used to train a pit bull to be a very friendly and effective service animal.

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