If you're driving on a suspended license, you might NOT want to do anything to your vehicle that authorities are going to notice...big time.

Late Friday night,a Benton County Deputy on patrol near Benton City noticed the license plate light on a car looked rather strange.

After driving up to take a closer look, the officer saw the driver whose name was not released, had burned out or broken license plate lights. He'd zip tied a flashlight to the bumper and aimed it so it would light up the plate.

The Deputy pulled over the driver, and according to reports, after complimenting him on his McGuyver skills, told him that's not legal at all. License plate lights must be wired to the rest of the headlight/taillight/braking system.

But it got worse for the man when the Deputy ran his license and found out it was suspended.  And by the way, the flashlight was not working...it too was broken.


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