You will probably have to drive to Spokane to get your fix, but pot stores will be open in our state July 1st.

According to Yahoo Finance, on their segment entitled (appropriately!) The Daily "Hit"   (insert your own sound effect here), 35 business will begin to churn out legal marijuana and sell it at the beginning of next month.

Growing has already started in Benton City, where an operation just outside of town has been granted the only growing license in our area. While Yakima has banned the stores, and moratoriums still exist in Richland, Pasco, Kennewick and Franklin County,    you could potentially drive to Prosser to get your legal weed.

But for sure, a store in Spokane says they are ready to throw open the doors July 1st.  According to Yahoo:

"Kouchlock Productions received the first license to become a recreational seller and the company is planning to open on July 1. Kouchlock has been working to build inventory as they expect demand to be as high as Colorado's launch."

You can Google Map their location for yourself, if you wish.  But be prepared to fork over a lot of money to get that vibe.    Prices for 1/8th of an ounce of marijuana are expected to be as "high" as $65-75 in Washington.   By the way, in Colorado, similar amounts of pot are selling for 1/3rd of that in their stores - an average price around $25.

Part of the reason is (like with many other products)  Washington has set a much higher state tax on the drug.   We hear rumors the 2nd. mortgage business might be booming soon in our state. Last time we checked, there was an outfit just over the border in Oregon that does loans on car titles....just sayin!