According to a recent WA state poll,  Senator Maria Cantwell (D) has even lower approval numbers than Obama.

While the Presidents approval rating hovers around 42-44 percent (depending upon which poll)  the two-term Demcratic Senator scored only %38 percent when citizens were asked if she deserved re-election.  The poll, conducted by Moore Information of Portland, reported of the 500 people who were contacted by phone, only 38% said she should be re-elected. 46% said it was time for a new Senator.  23% indicated she deserved re-election no matter what, and 16% said they didn't know.  Interestingly, 32% of those surveyed identified themselves as Democrats, 22% as Republican, but a whopping 46% said they were Independent voters.   Especially because of her leadership roles in D.C. under Obama, and her bitter re-election battle with Dino Rossi in 2010,  Senator Patty Murray has been far more in the spotlight than Cantwell;  politicial pundits have noticed during all the heat Murray was taking for her pro-Obama policy stance, Cantwell was conspicuously quiet.   However, some political experts claim the GOP fired it's best shot when Rossi was unable to unseat Murray.  But other say Cantwell is far more vulnerable then the other Democratic Senator from WA.