The Tri-City and Mid-Columbia economy is stable, some say booming, and despite the failure of several national and world retailers (Toys R Us, Sports Authority) major anchor stores are not closing because of bad business here.

But Sears Holdings Inc announced another round of closures in the West and across the U.S. According to Business Insider, 42 more stores, including 9 K-Marts, will be shuttered soon.  None of them are in Washington state, largely in Arizona, CA, Wyoming as well as Ohio, Florida and other states.

However, Thursday, late word came that Sears will actually close 72 outlets, they're part of 100 stores the company believes to be "unprofitable."  Supposedly, that list is going to be released sometime Thursday.

Sports Authority and Toys R' Us closed up shop in the last two years here, but they were part of a total corporate liquidation of the companies. Both stores were not suffering badly in our area, but as often happens, 'good' stores go down with the bad when a company goes bankrupt.


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