Ballots sent in Benton County for 2nd try at various school levies (Getty)
Ballots sent in Benton County for 2nd try at various school levies (Getty)








If you live in Benton County, and are a registered voter, ballots will be arriving in the mail...wait! It's not November?

Four area school districts will re-try failed levies

If you recall in February, voter 'fury' over various District policies (mostly related to COVID and state mandates) resulted in normally 'reliable' levies failing in Kennewick, Finley, Grandview, and Prosser.

in Kennewick, voters did approve a tech improvement levy but narrowly defeated the much larger operations vote. The same happened operationally in Prosser, Grandview, and Finely, where the levy lost by only a few votes.

  Ballots have been mailed

 Ballots were mailed on April 6th, you have until April 26th to fill out and return either in a drop box or by mail.

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At least in Kennewick, much of the opposition came over the now-dropped mask mandates in schools.  Some voters we spoke with said they voted "not" to get school officials' attention. However, now that the mask requirement is gone, there are many who believe Kennewick will approve it's operations levy.

in Finley, the levy failed by literally five votes, and a mandatory recount triggered by the close margin did not change that.

Officials are hoping for a better turnout, in Benton County only 29 percent of registered voters returned their ballots.

For more information on this special election, click here.


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