In a move that will deprive Rush Limbaugh of one of his favorite liberal targets,  16 term Representative Barney Frank has announced he will not seek re-election in 2012.

The tart-tongued liberal Democrat, who along with Chris Dodd, was responsible for the Freddie Mac-Fannie May bailout, claims new redistricting of Massachusetts will require too much work to campaign for election.  In other words,  Frank's longtime liberal stranglehold on his district is going to be broken up, and he would actually have to run on his record.   Frank claimed he and others overseeing Freddie May and Freddie Mac did not see the real estate/mortgage meltdown coming in 2004;  However, it was Frank's aggresive lobbying of the Federal Financial Institutions to provide mortgages to unworthy buyers that helped lead to the mortgage crisis.   Frank, who in recent years became known for being salty, bruske, and even mean to his constituents in town mall meetings and other events, said the best part of retirement will mean he won't have to pretend to be nice to people he doesn't like.   Rush Limbaugh has skewered the Massachusetts legislator tirelessly, usually referring to him as "Barney's Frank".

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