If you live in Pasco, here's your chance to sound off on key issues and topics. The city is conducting it's biennial National Citizen Survey.

8 key areas are identified with  questions about how the city should shape policy. It's also stressing three big areas where they want input. They are:

  • Code Enforcement.  Should the city have more or keep the same levels of policing various activities and such.
  • Fire and EMS Services.  Should the city work to enhance and expand, or keep them at same level. Do you feel they are adequate?
  • City Recreation Facility. Especially on the heels of two failed efforts to get a Regional Aquatic Facility, there's now a movement to develop one for the City of Pasco only. What are your thoughts on this?

These are among the areas people will be asked for their opinion in the survey. You can do it online, click here to be taken to the survey.  It will be online through January 31st.

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