Police have a man in custody, name and ID not yet released, after he allegedly entered a home near 5th and Garfield, near Kennewick High School.

Around noon, Police received a call from a 19-year-old teen. She was at home along with her 16-year old brother. According to officers, the boy was in a bedroom on his computer getting ready for a school Zoom meeting when a man opened the rear sliding door of the home and just walked in.

The girl ran to another bedroom and locked herself inside, then called police. It is not known if the man made any threats, or if he is known to the family. The teen was able to escape by crawling out his window.

After about ten minutes of calling for him, the man walked out and was arrested without incident. The boy thinks he might be the same man who tried to break into the home last year.

It is not known if any mental issues contributed to the incident. No word if the man actually threatened the teens, or if he had any kind of weapon.


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