The Whitman County Sheriff (WCSO) reports a massive group of stolen guns has been recovered following a home theft.


Back on Nov. 28th,  Whitman County Deputies took a report of a burglary at a home south of Pullman, in which a LOT of tools were taken, and at least 17 firearms--many of them rifles.

After obtaining a number of surveillance images and video footage, they were able to get a license plate number from a vehicle "associated" with the incident.


Following up on that lead, plus other evidence, Moscow, ID Police, and other agencies served a warrant at a  home in Moscow where they discovered the 17 firearms.

Multiple suspects have been identified, and Officials say a number of other stolen firearms have been identified and have pinpointed their probable location. It's likely even more firearms will be located, say authorities, but didn't elaborate.

The total value of these firearms was not given, but the suspects are looking at some serious felonies.

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We're familiar with a gun or two being stolen from a home or a vehicle, but 17? It's likely this person or persons were going to sell them on the black market. The investigation continues.

We noticed there appears to be MORE than 17 guns in the picture from the WCSO.

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