The number of deaths related to the COVID-19 virus in the Tri-Cities area has climbed to 5 as of Friday, March 27th.

The Benton Franklin Health District reports the following data as of Friday afternoon:

Confirmed cases in Benton County 42, Franklin County 10

Probable Cases BC 12, FC 9

Negative Tests BC 435,  FC 145

Deaths (all in Benton County  5.

Sources say of the confirmed cases, 16 are at area nursing homes, 68 cases are believed to have been 'community spread,' or via contagious means such as sneezing, contact with the virus on a surface or other person-to-person spread.

Officials due to rising number of cases, they will no longer be able to provide specific case by case information when it comes to more serious cases, such as fatalities.

To see the data from the Benton Franklin Health District, click on the button below.

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