After a post that went viral on Facebook of a Kennewick man ringing a doorbell at 3am, police now report the suspect has been identified. But now he's 'disappeared.'

Police posted video on their Facebook of  the man, identified as Mark McKee, and another man, ringing a doorbell at a home in the 700 block of North Fisher. What they didn't apparently know is the home was equipped with one of those new video doorbells, like those Ring commercials you see on TV. These doorbells not only allow you to see who's at the door, but they can also take pictures and record video.

Mr McKee, for some reason was ringing the doorbell, but then apparently left when he noticed the video camera.

Police were able to identify him, and did speak with him. He agreed to meet with them and discuss what he was doing there at 3am and why, but he didn't show up. Police urge that he has NOT been charged with any crime, but now say it is very suspicious that he has now 'disappeared' and is not answering his phone when police call him.

Authorities remind people to remain vigilant and careful with whom they contact with, especially late at night, and they commend the homeowner for letting them know about this suspicious act. We're pretty sure they're still looking for him.  We think the whole thing was fishy.   His refusal to meet with police certainly makes him appear guilty of something.

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