Some of it will depend upon which vaccine workers choose if they decide to abide by Inslee's mandate.

State workers, educators, and medical healthcare workers hit one deadline Monday, Labor Day Sept. 6.

That was the day required for workers who chose to get the Maderna vaccine, as the timeline is such that in order to comply with the mandate, they would have had to get it Monday.

The 'deadline' for the Pfizer vaccine is Sept.13, to get the first dose; it's timeline allows a worker who does so to still be compliant.


Oct. 6 will be the last day for a person to get the Johnson-Johnson vaccine and meet the 'deadline.'

As the clock ticks towards Oct. 18th, more and more studies, interviews and reports indicate a lot of workers will not comply, especially in the EMS field at the county level.

Most of those workers are volunteers and do not rely on that job for their main source of income and employment. Anywhere from 20 to even 40% of such county volunteer workers have indicated they may walk off the job.

Some fairs around the state have or are going to offer special 'vaccination' booths where people can receive a shot.


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