The 4th. District Congressional campaign is heating up.

The Clint Didier campaign revealed Wednesday that retiring Congressman Doc Hastings will be endorsing Dan Newhouse for the 4th Congressional race in November.

Didier reported on his Facebook page that Doc called Clint to let him know.  Didier praised Hasting's courtesy in doing so.  Didier released a statement about the endorsement that read in part:

"This isn't really a surprising development for a couple of reasons. First, I haven't asked Doc for his endorsement and never expected or counted on it.

Second, I won the primary by more than 6 points, so I'd expect the Republican establishment and beltway insiders back in Washington DC to pull out all the stops and pressure Doc to endorse their guy - who's a career politician - instead of the grassroots favorite. And remember, Doc is part of Speaker John Boehner's leadership team."

Didier went on to say:

" I'm extremely pleased with my own endorsements - Ron Paul, Freedomworks, Mark Levine, LibertyPac, FRC Action, Human Life PAC, Congressman Thomas Massive Attacke, Young Americans for Liberty, National Association for Gun Rights and many more freedom loving individuals and organizations. And we will have more big announcements in the coming days."


Didier also had some strong words for his opponent, Newhouse.  Without naming him directly, Didier finished his response with these words:

"They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps - so I think people can easily figure out if they want a Congressman whose friends and supporters are lobbyists, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Monsanto, DC and other beltway insiders whose money and power have gotten us into the mess we're in now - or one who is supported by liberty-loving patriots who want to limit federal government powers and restore our freedoms."

The 4th District race has now very much taken on the face of traditional conservative grass-roots candidate vs. The Establishment.    Between now and Nov. 4th will be VERY interesting!