Usually when you hear the worth breathalyzer, you're thinking somebody was driving drunk. But not in this case.

According to CBS Local TV in Dallas-Forth Worth, a Texas college professor has invented a breathalyzer that will tell you if you have the flu!

Dr. Perena Gouma of the University of Texas-Arlington has created the device, which uses tiny monitors and filters to capture your breath, and analyze it in less than a few seconds. It operates on the similar breathalyzer technology but has specific changes to detect the flu virus.

Most flu tests involve a painful (especially for children) nasal swab that can take a lot longer. Gouma's invention will save a lot of time and money, because it will allow doctors to begin treatment a lot faster. Early detection means less money, better treatment.

The device has to undergo clinical trials, but it's hope the device will be made commercially available.


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