It will take a while to reconcile the House and Senate bills, but the 8,000-plus year old skeleton known as "Kennewick Man" is closer to being returned to a group of Indian tribes for reburial.

The House of Representatives this week approved a bill that mirrors legislation introduced by Senator Patty Murray a number of months ago. The bills would formally release government interest or control in the skeleton, who was found along the banks of the Columbia River 20 years ago.

Kennewick man has been studied and researched, and scientists want to continue to examine the ancient bones, saying it could lead to more significant breakthroughs in anthropology, history and science. But a confederation of Indian tribes have pushed for his return, especially after recent tests have shown the skeleton was most similar to a Native American, or Indian.

Once the legislation is merged, the skeleton will be returned to the group of tribes. They've indicated the remains will be reburied at a location that will not be made public, to ensure others do not try to 'dig him up'' again for further study.

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