A bar in Ellensburg plans to take advantage of the new recreational marijuana law and host a cannibus night.

Apparently The Lounge is already a hookah private smoking club that previously allowed flavored tobacco for members.

Taking advantage of I-502, our sister station KFFM in Yakima reported that on Jan. 17 marijuana will be allowed. Of course, it won't be sold onsite -- that's not legal... yet. But for customers who are of legal age, they can bring in their own ounce of pot and light up.  We're not surprised, though, seeing as how Ellensburg is a college town.

Keep in mind federal law still prohibits the possession, growth, or smoking of cannabis, and the medical marijuana law is fuzzy. So far, this is the first such event at a venue anywhere near the Tri-Cities that we've heard of. What are your thoughts? Take our poll!

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