Imagine if you're a firefighter, and you could train with 'controllable' fire? One you could 'stop' while an instructor offers advice, then resume?

This week through Thursday the 29th, fire crews from all over the area are participating in what's called LION training at the fire center on S. Ely street.

LION is a new technology that allows for controlled fires to be fought by crews, but an instructor can stop it at any time. Digital flames, plus thermal heat and smoke generating systems can simulate just about any kind of blaze they would run into. The fires and situations can be just about tailored to any possible scenario, but can be stopped at any time. The technology is capable of 'recreating' a realistic blaze that is just about like the real experience.

This training can be used for everything from brush fires, to indoor blazes. The training is taking place at the Fire Training Center at 1811 S. Ely street.

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