At first glance some of you are giggling, and laughing. But it's a day to salute our love for peanuts, cashews, almonds etc.

National Grab Some Nuts day is an actual holiday event observed by the National Holiday Calendar website. August 3 every year.

It's a day where we're invited to grab our favorites, whether it's peanuts or others and enjoy. The folks at National Holiday Calendar have not been able to come up with any significant historical backround on the day, some suspect it was an outgrowth of a marketing campaign by a nut company.

Actually, almonds and cashews, as well as walnuts and peanuts, are not botanically considered a true 'nut.' They fall under the "legume" family, which is closer to a vegetable.  Just like we all think tomatoes are a veggie, they're actually a fruit. Who knew?

Anyway, enjoy these nuts on National Grab Some Nuts day. And don't get in trouble with HR at work.

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