A group that's very much against the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton is dipping back into history for an ongoing publicity stunt that's generating headlines across the country.

A group called Mainspring Charities is the driving force behind the website sendclintoncigars.com. They're taking donations online to donate to veterans-based charities, and in return, they are sending packages of cigars to Clinton's campaign headquarters. For every cigar sent, they make a donation for charity.

If you've forgotten, during the presidency of her husband, Bill Clinton, he had a few "encounters" with intern Monica Lewinsky, some of which involved a very different use for a cigar -- we won't elaborate further.

The website contains a plethora of information, videos and background about Clinton and her political history. It ranges from her being fired from her job as part of the Watergate investigative team in the early 1970s (for alleged fraud) to her first go-round in the White House; to her controversial tenure as Secretary of State and Benghazi, as well as the controversy over the Clinton Foundation.

But before you start thinking they're an extreme right-wing group, read their mission statement from the website:

Although it would be easy to assume we're representing the far right conservatives, Mainspring Charities is comprised of individuals from a multitude of social and political beliefs which includes both Liberals and Democrats. However, we unanimously believe that Hillary Clinton should not be elected President of the United States in 2016 based on her performance record in public office, in addition to her history of falsifying information, misdirection, and deception as well as her seemingly volatile emotional state as demonstrated throughout her many recent hearings."

Alex Jones's Inforwars website is saying Clinton and her campaign are "furious" over the cigar-gifting campaign.

To send a cigar to Hillary, click on the button below. Every "gift" of a cigar is matched by a donation to veteran's based charities. The group says their original charity backed out from receiving the profits from the website efforts, so they are in the process of finding others to support.

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