You can't go a day without hearing about Wikileaks, who hacked the DNC and Clinton campaign servers, and spilled tens of thousands of emails to the public about how the Democratic and Hillary Clinton campaign have conducted themselves. But sometimes if you read them 'in person' it has even more effect.

The following are links to some of the most damaging, shocking, insulting and corrupt emails found among the huge release. Other emails show the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation, including some very interesting donors:

  •   Apparently Hillary's campaign refers to Bernie supporters as 'bedwetters.'  From John Podesta.  CLICK TO SEE EMAIL
  • In another one, officials say Hillary should stop attacking Sanders with things that are "untrue, which she often does. The email also suggests she get on board with his idea of paying for 'free college' with a transaction tax on Wall Street. CLICK TO SEE EMAIL.
  • In another email, officials urge the need for Bernie supporters to 'turn out' to support Hillary, as even last year (2015) they said "he (Sanders) won't be nominated." CLICK HERE TO SEE EMAIL
  • An email shows staggering amounts of donations made to the Foundation, including a $2.5 million dollar check from George Soros. CLICK HERE TO SEE EMAIL.

We will also share some of the emails from the Clinton campaign about how they have been handling their battle with Donald Trump.

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