Things change rapidly in media, radio and life. Such is the case with Newstalk870!

Due to an opportunity to get his up and coming show, and the sudden departure of Michael Medved, the highly acclaimed Todd Starnes Show is coming to Newstalk870 starting January 1st. 9-midnight.

For nearly two years, you've heard and enjoyed his commentaries that we air during the 9am hour of Rush Limbaugh,  now his full show is coming here!

Starnes has made his mark with Fox News on TV and Radio with his biting, witty commentaries, and now his three hour show is coming. We're excited to welcome him to the Newstalk family, yet another of the great forward-thinking shows that prove we are Talk Radio for the 21st Century.

We wish our best to Michael Medved, his syndication network abruptly announced his show is going away December 31st, his replacement a newcomer that honestly we've never heard of. This gave us the opportunity to add a show we've been looking at for some time, and it will begin January 1st.  join us on Newstalk870!

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