West Pasco is known for having some beautiful trees that were planted by the city as that part of the city has grown and developed. But now at least 110 are going to have to be removed due to a deadly blight.

The City announced Wednesday that very soon, some 110 Spring Snow Crabapple trees will be dug up, removed and replaced by a mix of three other varieties.

City officials say a disease known as 'fire blight' had affected them, producing the dead and dying leaves and branches seen in the photo.

WSU Ag officials helped diagnose the issue. It was detected last year, and spraying was done to help prevent it from spreading, and to help existing trees. But the extremely long cold winter followed by the excessively wet spring caused the 110 to become infected.

Officials say they don't like having to do it, but often complete removal is the only way to prevent blight or other plant-foliage-tree diseases from spreading.


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