Information released by the Governor's office just gave people an excuse not to watch his press conference Thursday afternoon at 2:30 PM.

KIRO Radio in Seattle is reporting Inslee and the state will NOT be giving widespread delays or 'grace periods' (like those given to King County Union Public Workers) in order to meet his 'get the shot or get fired' mandate.


It appears, according to KIRO, that come Monday, the thousands of state workers who are not fully vaccinated or compliant will indeed lose their jobs.

According to KIRO Radio, who said this Thursday on their website:

"Inslee’s office also confirmed to KIRO Radio’s Hanna Scott on Thursday that he will not be offering a broader extension for the Oct. 18 deadline, meaning thousands of workers not operating under the exceptions already agreed to by the state could be fired at the start of the next week."

Apparently, the reason Inslee is doing this is according to his data, 90 percent of state workers who are under the mandate umbrella are fully vaccinated. His office, and Inslee in a statement earlier this week, said the state has "contingency" plans for next week.  Apparently, that means they're prepared to fire people and they claim they're ready for it.


However, when you consider the Ferry protests which crippled the state's island transportation system and other indicators, it appears there's not 90% vaccination compliance.

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But even if it's "only" 75-80 percent, even if it's 90% as Inslee claims, the premise that thousands of workers will be fired for exercising their personal rights and freedoms is appalling.

It will especially be interesting or could be shocking, to see the impact Monday the 18th has on law enforcement, including the Washington State Patrol.

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