After weeks of emails, letters, and public calls for a special session to not only address Gov. Inslee's rampant emergency powers but also the Oct. 18th 'get the shot or get fired' vaccine mandate, WA State Senate Democrats finally responded to the GOP.

The response was not good.

 The Washington State Freedom Caucus, which consists of a group of Republican Senators, released information Monday making it clear due to the Democrat majority in the upper house, there will be no way the legislature can step in and try to stop the Oct. 18th vaccine termination deadline.

GOP State Senators Phil Fortunato (Auburn), Doug Ericksen (Ferndale), Mike Padden (Spokane Valley), and Jim McCune (Graham) and others say Democrat leadership finally responded to their late August demand for a special session.

According to the Freedom Caucus, Senate Democrat Majority Leader Andy Billig (Spokane) responded this way:

"...state Senate leadership finally responded to official inquiries from Senate Freedom Caucus members, who have been leading the effort. Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig said in an email that he does not support even convening the committee for a vote."

The special session would have addressed the recent 'crime reform' bills that are crippling law enforcement's ability to battle crime, and also the vaccine mandate for all officers statewide.

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Seattle Police Officer's Guild Vice-President Bob Lurry said this about the Democrat's response:

 “The King County Police Officers Guild is saddened by the loss of the brave men and women whose employment will be terminated for deciding not to take a vaccine,”...

As we get closer to Oct. 18th, we shall see if the state actually follows through with wholesale firings of unvaccinated law enforcement workers.

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