The WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association)  has announced for winter sports including boys-girls hoops, wrestling, and cheer athletes will have to either show vaccination proof or agree to be tested twice a week during the season.


   Just over a day ago we put up a poll in our story, asking parents how this might affect their child's participation.

We anticipate it will hit middle schools harder. High school athletes have a lot more at stake, especially those with goals to play in college. There will probably be a higher effort of compliance for them.

But for middle schools, this will affect the newer players or 'fringe' kids; those who've never tried a sport before but have decided they want to give it a go. There's actually a lot of these. We've seen a few first-year players on our daughter's Highlands Middle School football team who really have some skill, and should stick with it.

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Many of these families will decide it's not worth the invasiveness or hassle and will just pass. Others who are more 'experienced' or skilled will likely seek outside club sports, such as AAU basketball. Middle school sports have already been ravaged by COVID policies and procedures, this will not help the numbers of kids turning out.

So far the result of the poll is as follows:

  • They will not participate   45.7 percent
  • No vaccine but testing ok-will play 30.5 percent
  • Child vaccinated-no issues-will play 16.9 percent
  • Will seek sports outside of school-6.7 percent. 

If you haven't already taken the poll, and you have kids who play sports, click here.

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