Late Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Jay Inslee and his wife Trudy released a holiday video for the citizens of Washington state.


The video, which was posted to YouTube, is 1:05 long and from the title "Happy Holidays" one would expect some sort of (even generic) Christmas or holiday well-wishing message.

Perhaps words of encouragement, or the reason for the season, that kind of thing.

But instead, it was pretty much about COVID and Omicron, boosters and masks.

He spoke of building clinics and stockpiling COVID supplies etc. as well.

Inslee mentions masks at the :20 second mark, then at :48 he says briskly 'there are many blessings but two of them are get the booster, wear a mask..."

They close out the video by saying "we're all in this together" and "Happy Holidays."

Well, that was inspiring.

The video is posted below the gallery


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