Inslee tells WSP no cooperation with non-abrotion states (TVW)
Inslee tells WSP no cooperation with non-abrotion states (TVW)









In perhaps his 'boldest' move yet, and some critics say playing a serious political card, Governor Inslee appears to be seeking to 'punish' states that do not allow abortions or certain reproductive services.

  Inslee makes an announcement Thursday, June 30th.

Over the weekend, 'officially' released Thursday, Gov. Inslee announced the following: (from Inslee release)

"Gov. Jay Inslee announced this past weekend he was preparing to direct the Washington State Patrol to refuse cooperation with any investigatory requests related to abortion that come from agencies in states that don’t allow or significantly constrain access to abortion."

This was in response to the Supreme Court's striking down Roe vs. Wade. Inslee also 'created' a new commitment pact with the Governors of OR and CA to ensure women's reproductive rights (abortion) would be available to women. Inslee's information release went on to say:

"The order directs the WSP to decline cooperation with most subpoenas, search warrants or court orders from states with laws that ban or significantly restrict abortion access. WSP must review and process such requests in conjunction with the Office of the Attorney General and governor’s General Counsel."

The Governor does not have direct authority over local law enforcement so this only applies to the WSP. But this move distinctly appears to be like a political leader trying to 'bully' other states or leaders into doing things his way, a political 'take my ball and go home' type of scenario.

To read the directive, click here.

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And, Inslee said he and legislators plan to attempt to amend the State Constitution to solidify or codify abortion rights to greatly minimize any challenges to the practice.


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