It's part of the summer-long refurbishment of Edison street in Kennewick, between Clearwater and Canal Drive.

The street is being widened, more traffic safety features and other improvements being installed.  But in widening the corner on the south side of Canal and Edison, by the Circle K, there's a bit of a dip.  Actually a large canal.

After tearing up and redoing the sidewalk, adding a little more room to the corner to allow for better turning for vehicles, when it was repaved, the asphalt comes up at least 4-5 inches short along the curb (visible in our picture). This stretch is at least 20-25 feet long, and spans much of the curb by the Circle K southbound.

But perhaps the most dangerous feature is the slope between the two southbound lanes.  The right hand lane is noticeably lower than the left, and an unsuspecting motorist who changes lanes in that immediate are might get an unexpected bump.

Instead of gradually sloping the right lane up to the left from the curb, the two lanes are separated by a rather abrupt dip that's at least 4-6 inches.

Worse yet, a motorcycle rider who changes lanes there and isn't paying attention might get the surprise of their life. We've seen 'BUMP' signs on the freeway for far less obstacles, we're wondering why this was left this way.

Kennewick street hump (Townsquare Media)
Kennewick street hump (Townsquare Media)

But before we go all complaining, we're going to wait until the project is finished later this summer, and see what happens.

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