A bouncer convicted of assault charges on a Jack Didley's patron plans to appeal his conviction, but he says he cannot afford an attorney.

Matthew Hibbard, the former manager at Jack Didley's nightclub in downtown Kennewick, said last week he plans to appeal his 3rd degree assault conviction. The patron, Ben Ensign, was left with life-altering mental injuries after he was dropped on his head while being removed from the club July 4, 2012.

Hibbard was sentenced to a year in jail with with work release. Hibbard told the court he could not afford an attorney for the appeal.

However, his original lawyer will remain as his council for the restitution case that has been filed by Ensign and his family.

That case has been filed to recoup some of the financial costs incurred by Ensign, as his medical treatments have been -- and will continue to be -- very expensive.

Even though it's his right, citizens are questioning the fairness of him using a public defender for an appeal while his original attorney is still working for him. No information has come out on if the court will accept his request for the public defender for the appeal.

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(Photo courtesy of KEPR-TV Facebook)

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