So what does this judge's ruling mean?

  A federal judge Thursday tossed away a lawsuit challenging the legality of the I-594 universal back round gun check law, saying the plaintiffs had not demonstrated they were not harmed, shown any injury, or in danger of prosecution.

Alan Gottlieb, one of the heads of the Second Amendment Foundation, said the following after Judge Benjamin Settle threw out the case:

"This is the year 2015, One shouldn't have to risk incarceration and a criminal record just because you want to show the government's infringing on your constitutional rights."

Gottlieb, the foundation, and others have argued (as have others across the country) such measures infringe upon citizens rights to bear arms, as protected by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

The bill, which largely passed due to support in the Seattle area,  attempts to do universal backround checks on all gun sales - even private transfers.  Opponents argue it's not needed due to already existing federal laws; and it won't do anything to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Oregon legislators who are pushing a similar bill in that state's legislature have admitted on camera their bills won't really do anything to keep guns out of the hands of unlawful people.

Gottlieb and the Foundation are considering their next actions, which may include an appeal.

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