The annual crime report released by the Kennewick Police Department shows some promising downturns, especially in violent crimes.

According to the report, violent crime rates in Kennewick fell considerably, especially due to a drop in aggravated assault.

From 2013 to 2014 the number of sexual assaults (rape) went from 31 to 32, robberies from 43 to 41, and aggravated assaults fell from 165 to 108.

There was an increase in homicides, from two, to five last year, compared with 2013.

Auto thefts also dropped slightly from 159 to 155, as did arson reports, from 18 to 13. The overall crime rate per thousand residents dropped from 35.9 crimes to 34.1.  Larceny, or non-violent theft such as the three break-ins reported over the President's Day weekend (also includes car prowls) dropped a bit from 1,888 to 1,836.

Overall, the crime rate for 2014 represents a 4% drop in all crimes, 2% drop in property crimes, and 23% drop in violent crimes.

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