Scientists now say the skeletal remains of a mammoth found south of Kennewick in 2000 are over 17,000 years old.

It is not uncommon to find mammoth remains across Eastern Washington because of the Ice Age.  But when one turns up in our backyard, it's pretty cool!   Scientists using radiocarbon dating say the mammoth, which they began to excavate in 2010, is over 17,450 years old.   That would put him much older than the 9,300 year old Kennewick Man found along the Columbia river.

    Because of Ice Age activity,  what is now the Tri-Cities was covered, at least for a while, with water, mud and other major geological changes.   Many mammoths final resting areas were in Eastern Washington.  Scientists from PNNL Labs in Richland did the radiocarbon testing on the massive beast.  Several theories would explain how the animal--much larger than an elephant--came to a rest where it was found.  But we know one thing for sure, it wasn't Manny from Ice Age, so kids can rest easy!

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