This Saturday, April 18th,  Ice Harbor Brewery will unveil their new Mammoth Growler beer, with proceeds going to help fund the Mammoth dig in Coyote Canyon in Kennewick.

This Saturday, by RSVP,  the scientists and volunteers who are excavating the remains of a nearly 12,000 year old Columbian Mammoth found in Southeast Kennewick are holding an open house to kick off the 2015 dig season.

From noon to 3pm, the site will be open for guided tours, and you can see the progress being made on retrieving this remarkable skeleton; the work has been ongoing since it's discovery in 2000.  Most of the work began in earnest in 2008.  If you would like to attend you can RSVP at the Coyote Canyon Dig Website.

Ice Harbor Brewery is also getting in on the act, and this Saturday as part of the festivities, owner Mike Hill will unveil the brewery's new Mammoth Growler, a strong brew that comes with a commemorative growler, or glass.  Hill says the brew will continue to be sold seasonally, and they're glad to donate a large portion of the proceeds to the dig.

He told Newstalk 870 Tuesday they hope to raise at least several thousand dollars this year alone to help the archeology effort.  Once the beer is unveiled additional information will be posted on their website.

Your $10.00 purchase of a Mammoth Growler will greatly help the efforts to dig out and preserve a fantastic piece of history here in the Mid-Columbia, so make sure starting this Saturday, April 18th, visit Ice Harbor's two locations - including Clover Island - and order a Mammoth Growler with Newstalk 870.

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