Imagine at the DMV if you showed up with a pasta strainer on your head for YOUR photo...and they had to let you wear it!

An Austrian man has won a court battle to allow him to wear a pasta strainer on his head as a symbol of his religious beliefs for his drivers liscence photo.  Niko Alm practices what he calls "pastafarianism".  He is an athiest, who was protesting the Austrian government banning headware in liscence photos-except for those who were wearing religious confessional headware.  Alm belongs to a group of athiests who practice what they call "pastafarianism" and they belong to a church called "The Church Of the Flying Spahghetti Monster."  Their idea came from what they call a light-hearted protest of religious theology being practiced in society.  Alm will now carry his strainer-topped photo with him on his liscense...although he did have to pass a psychological exam prior to getting the picture, as Austrian officials were just a bit doubtful he was playing with a full deck.