We mentioned earlier Thursday the Kennewick NASCAR fans who found Michael Waltrip's wallet in their rental car in Las Vegas. They were both there for the Kobalt 400 Monster Energy Cup race this weekend. The story is going viral in our area.

Thanks to Karen, who shared with us, Waltrip took to Twitter to thank the fans from Kennewick who found it, AND bothered to track him down and return it.

Waltrip, as it turns out according to his Tweet, initially thought he'd lost all his casino money --- not to mention all his other important personal effects -- when the wallet fell out of his pocket in the car.

Dawn and Jessie Brown and their friends initially thought the wallet was one of theirs when they saw it in the car, but when they opened it to see whose it was, they got the surprise of their life.

He posted this on his Twitter account, and as always, views the event as a chance to make some new friends in the racing community. Pretty cool!

Waltrip tweet (Michael Waltrip Twitter)
Waltrip tweet (Michael Waltrip Twitter)

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