To support responsible, legal gun ownership, sportsman and retailers are honoring National Gun Appreciation Day this Saturday.

Organized by a group called Political Media and supported by dozens of noted national groups such as Red State, AmeriPac (one of the largest conservative political action committees in the U.S.), Grassroots America and the TEA Party Foundation, this event is to support and salute Americans who believe in and exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

Gun owners and supporters are encouraged to visit a shooting range or gun store this Saturday and voice their support for responsible gun use and ownership. Citizens are asked to bring a flag or a pocket constitution with them plus sings reading "Hands Off My Guns" to these venues.

Citizens are also encouraged to seek out information about firearms and their responsible use. A local event will be held Saturday in Prosser, at noon at 325 Wine Country Road. State Rep. Brad Klippert (R) of the 8th District will be speaking. The Tri-Cities TEA Party is also a supporter of this event.

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