The Open Bible Church is probably one place a criminal might want to avoid.

The church recently began offering gun safety courses after Pastor Mike Lyon heard a number of church members say they wish they knew more about how to properly handle a gun.

The classes have been especially popular with women; over 40 have participated compared to about a dozen men. Lyon said many of the women came in with guns their husbands had purchased for them. He said some of them handled it like it was a "dirty diaper." But once they took the course, they felt much more at ease with the weapon, Lyon said.

One woman said she decided to take the course because her home has been broken into three times and she nearly came face-to-face with one of the burglars. According to The News Tribune, Lyons summed up the gun safety program this way:

We're not a militia church... We're just a regular group of people that just wants to be safe."


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