Portland residents are going to see a new machine making it's way through the early morning hours downtown, as well as afternoons and evenings.

Tuesday, the Downtown Business Alliance unveiled the "Poopmaster 6000," a device that resembles a huge John Deere lawnmower. However, it's purpose is to help rid the city of a growing problem of crow and other bird poop.

For years, growing numbers of crows who perch and nest in trees downtown have left benches, sidewalks, statues and other areas covered in white runny blobs of droppings. Besides the smell, residents say it's unhealthy, and city health officials agree.

The Poopmaster will be operated and funded by the Alliance, and officials believe it will soon make the downtown area much cleaner-and better smelling. The Poopmaster 6000 will begin operations this week.

Poopmaster 6000 (Courtesy KGW Facebook page, NW Cable News)
Poopmaster 6000 (Courtesy KGW Facebook page, NW Cable News)


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