We live in an age where just about everything has been thought of, at least until now.

The ads began popping up on TV a few weeks ago, and when I saw it, I nearly fell over laughing. But the idea is rather brilliant, and might really catch on.

Move over air freshener, Air Wick has invented a new product called V.I. Pre Poo Spray.  The container looks about the size of a canister of breath spray, but is used entirely differently.

It's designed to 'trap' odors that emit from a toilet when somebody goes Number 2.  Just spray the water and inside the toilet bowl, and the product literature says Pre Poo will trap or prevent the smell from consuming the bathroom, or wafting throughout the house or other building.

As the product information says at Amazon.com, "Keep Nasty Smells in your toilet bowl."

At Amazon, you can pick up one of four different scents, Fruity Pin Up, Lavender Spectacular, Lemon Idol, and Rosy Starlet, and their price is (as of February 1) $8.97. You can even pick up a multi-pack, if your digestive tract produces a lot of 'odors.'

So, if your friends groan when you show up at their party, because your bathroom feats are well documented, bring this along and they will never know you 'went' at halftime!


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