While the Occupy movement continues to cause disruptions in numerous cities,  property damage, sexual assault, set off bombs and defecate in public places, the TEA Party in Virginia has been hit with an audit by the City Of  Richmond.

Shortly after complaining to the city that Occupy Richmond protestors did not have proper permits and were allowed to gather without any insurance binders or crowd control, the TEA Party of Richmond has been told they are being audited by the city.   City officials claim it is strictly a coincidence, and several city officials said they had no knowledge of the TEA Party complaint until they were asked by media outlets.  Seems last year the TEA Party had to put up a huge insurance bond, provide porta-potties and security for a rally---but none such requirements were made for Occupy Richmond.   TEA Party members checked with the city and found no such permits, insurance, or any other documents were taken out or filed by Occupy; they simply showed up in a city park and squatted there.   Do you believe the City or the TEA Party?