If you're in Pasco, good news, Pendleton, not so much.

After some speculation, including rumors of ordinance code changes or perhaps neighbor issues, Pasco's fireworks show will happen at least one more time at GESA Stadium, starting around dusk at 10pm.

It's pretty cool because depending upon your venue, you can watch the River of Fire over the Columbia, and the Grand Old Fourth at GESA Stadium at the same time. The Tri-City Dust Devils are in Everett July 4, clearing the way for the show.

However, 80 miles southeast, in Pendleton, the East Oregonian reports their fireworks show will not happen. After a number of years of leading the fundraising effort to pay for the show, Becky Marks of the Fraternal Order of Eagles needed a breather.

However, sadly, nobody stepped forward and offered to help lead the fundraising effort. Unlike some communities, Pendleton doesn't use general funds to pay for the estimated $10,000 needed for the show, besides, Marks says, the city already provides security and other infrastructural help.

After the Pendleton Jaycees disbanded some years ago, the East Oregonian says fundraising "hopscotched" between various community organizations. Marks, who serves on the City Council, and the Eagles had stepped up the last three years. But this year, no help came forward. The last time she checked, Marks says the fireworks fund only had $500.

Sad that such a patriotic community event doesn't prompt local businesses or others to step up and make sure Pendleton has a fireworks show for  it's families and citizens. Now, they'll have to head to Hermiston or Tri-Cities.

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