Sunday evening, a potential crisis was averted by Pasco Police.

Several calls were made to Officers about a woman seen walking down Court Street armed with a rifle. When officers arrived, they found the woman, wearing a helmet and she also had tactical body armor.

Woman's body armor, and Richland Bomb Squad robot (PPD)

Police contacted her as she was standing on a citizen's front porch talking to two people. She began acting aggressively towards passing cars when the first officer arrived. He took cover and waited for other units to arrive. The two people on the porch also helped keep her calm.

vest woman had on (PPD)

She had raised the rifle and pointed it at officers, and refused to follow commands. Several units and agencies from around the Tri-Cities also helped take Melanie Gloriosso, 48 into custody.  She was obviously having a mental crisis, said Police.

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Although a mental health professional was not on duty at that time, the counselors who ride along with units, Pasco Police Negotiators were able to convince her to drop the weapon, her helmet and vest.

There was suspicion she might have an explosive device in her vest, the Richland Bomb Squad was called in. No such device was found there, but a search of her home later did located a homemade explosive device.

Gloriosso is in the Franklin County jail, having been charged with 1st. Degree Assault.

Officers did not say if the weapon was loaded, or offer an explanation as to where she may have gotten it. The case continues to be investigated.


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