The poll went up Tuesday, and we will continue to provide updates on YOUR opinion.

Our Newstalk870 poll asks if you're going Trick or Treating this Halloween? Yes, No, or Undecided.  It's presumed taking the kiddies, although some of us parents like to accept candy when people offer it.  Or, even a beer. Twice in the last three years, while out with our kids, homeowners gave me a can of Coors.  No joke. Of course I accepted! But waited til we got home to relish it.

Anyway, so far according to our poll, just over 94 percent said "yes" they are T or T,  just over 4 percent said "no" and just over 1 percent are "undecided."

We thought we'd ask, especially since the CDC just came out with various types of advice against the practice, and suggested alternative types of celebrations.

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