The Postal Service plans to propose eliminating overnight standards for first class mail.

That means standard local/regional delivery would not longer be "overnight".  For example, in the Tri Cities, if you need to send a letter from West Richland to Burbank, or Pasco to Connell or anywhere in the close region, instead of it possibly or probably being delivered the next day, it would require at least an extra 24 hours.   The reason for the elimination is because USPS plans to close at least 252 more mail processing centers; moves that could save up to 3 billion dollars.   USPS is trying to stave off insolvency and trying to curb the financial bleeding of potential losses of up to ten billion dollars.   The losses have snowballed for the last few years;  due to a 20% drop in first class mail due to emails and other electronic communications, and due to excessive health, retirement and other benefit costs. USPS's costs for employee infrastructure are many times higher than  freight competitors UPS or FexEX.

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