You may recall March 25th we reported about how a family of three was likely saved by an alert driver who saw their house becoming engulfed in flames near North Yost and Canal in Kennewick.

Kennewick police released some photographs of the blaze, and it reinforces what crews said about the blaze. Around 1:30am a motorist driving down Canal saw the flames around the outside of the home.

Kennewick house fire, home likely a total loss (Kennewick Police Department)

They stopped, banged on the doors, and awoke the family, helping them get out. Kennewick fire crews said the blaze spread VERY rapidly, and had this person not stopped to helped, it could have been very tragic.

Officials still investigating, no word has been given if the home was equipped with working smoke detectors.

But these remarkable pictures show just how fortunate the family is, and likely thankful that this motorist stopped and probably saved their lives.